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Waterking is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the world and has over 25 years of experience with amphibious equipment. All amphibious products are engineered and constructed in-house in accordance with the Machine guideline (2006/42/EC), and are also EC certified.



Amphibious excavators


Waterking is a front-runner in amphibious equipment. All machines are durable, safe and very reliable. Amphibious excavators are efficient and have a working range of 360 degrees. They have been developed to operate in poor load-bearing areas. Amphibious excavators are available in the following classes:

  • *  8-10 tonne classe
  • *  13-16 tonne classe
  • *  20-22 tonne classe
  • *  24-26 tonne classe
  • *  28-32 tonne classe
  • *  33-36 tonne classe


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There are several options possible with our amphibious excavators, such as:

  • *  Central Lubrication
  • *  GPS/GPRS
  • *  Various types of booms
  • *  Several hydraulic functions
  • *  Car kit
  • *  Extra fuel tank
  • *  Upper structure (new or used):


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Types of activities

Amphibious machines can be used to remove wood, install sheet piling or perform excavation activities. Accompanying accessories can also be purchased from Waterking, which includes e.g. buckets, tree cutters and dredging pumps.


Working depth

Amphibious excavators can be used on land as well as water. This means it is possible to easily cross swamps, moats, lakes and other waterways. The machine starts to float if activities are carried out in water deeper than 1 – 1.8 metres  ( 3’2’’ – 5’9’’) (depending on the model). Amphibious excavators can be fitted with additional pontoons for extra stability and buoyancy when performing activities in water between 4.0 and 6.0 metres (13’1’’ – 19’7’’) in depth.

All Waterking excavators can be fitted with additional pontoons featuring spud poles. These additional pontoons are attached to the undercarriage and the spud poles can be operated from inside the cabin.





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Amphibious transporters have been specially designed to work in swamp areas and river deltas. Transporters consist of an undercarriage and an upper structure with cabin, engine and platform.

The machine can be custom-made to suit your needs. The structure is also inter-changeable. Transporters are multi-functional and can be used for a wide range of purposes. This includes:

  • *  Passenger transport
  • *  Equipment transport e.g. drilling platforms
  • *  Dumper for ground transport
  • *  Possible to convert to amphibious excavator


The undercarriage of transporters is the same as that of amphibious excavators.  The transporter has a lot of traction and is able to extract itself from riverbeds, while pontoons have sufficient buoyancy and low ground compression.


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Amphibious excavator

Amphibious excavators are easy to transport. The advantage of excavators with an adjustable undercarriage is that they can be transported in one go. Pontoons can be extended and retracted, as demonstrated by the WK 90, 100 and 150.

Waterking machines weighting more than 15 tonnes are no longer adjustable. This choice was made to reinforce the platforms and pontoons used on heavier machines. After all, they do not need to be retracted.

Despite the fixed undercarriage, transport is more efficient than with adjustable undercarriages. Higher class adjustable excavators exceed transport dimensions. This means a special permit must be requested, which unnecessarily delays transport and makes it expensive. Amphibious excavators can be assembled and dismantled within one and a half hours.

Machines of 20 tonnes or more are almost always used on large projects. This almost entirely eliminates the advantages of adjustable undercarriages.


Amphibious transporter 

The upper structure can be transported separately from the undercarriage. Assembly and disassembly can be realised within an hour. The machine also complies with transport norms when it comes to height, width and length.



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