Waterking at the Bauma 2019 in Munich

Another busy day at the Bauma exhibition. Its great to welcome visitors from so many different parts of the world. #bauma #dredgingequiment#dredgingsolutions



Up in the air for a visit to Sweden

Our Swedish customer, a diving company received their WK 150 NG-A. They purchased this excavator to dig trenches over approximately 6 kilometers. When finished, sewer pipes will be placed into the trenches by skilled divers.

Not only did we manufacture and sell dredging equipment we also gave advice and provided a training on site. That way our customer is fully prepared and informed right from the start. In this training we show how to assemble the machine on site and how to work with the amphibious excavator.



WK 100 NG-AS arrived in Germany

The newly build WK 100 NG-AS has left the workshop. The machine arrived in Germany last week. We started with a test run on site and gave instructions about operating the amphibious excavator and the maintenance of it. The excavator was equipped with several attachments and additional pontoons. This adjustable machine has a transportation width of 3.0 m.

#amphibiousexcavator #floatinfexcavator #dredginggermany#dredgingequipment

WK 100 Ng-AS amphibious excavator



New footage of the WK 20 NG-A

Last week we captured new footage of the WK 20 NG-A. This small but powerful machine is perfect for activities at swamp and wetland sites because it can easily cross moats, lakes and other waterways. This Waterking can carry out activities such as, removal of (top) soil and clean up or deepen narrow waterways. #amphibiousexcavator#swampexcavator #wetlandexcavator #dredgingequipment




Time for holiday has come

We are ready for our holiday

Most of our crew members were already celebrating their holiday and after today it is our turn to enjoy our holiday as well. Due to this holiday season we are closed from the 6th till the 26th of August. For urgent matters you can contact us by email We wish everyone a nice #holiday!#summerbreak


HDPE pipes and floaters for sandminbng activities

Last week we paid a visit to a customer to check out the complete set of floaters and HDPE pipes that we delivered. The customer owns a big sand mining company. The pipes and floaters are wear resistant, made of UV-proof materials and therefore they have a long life span.



Intermat exhibition in Paris

First day of the INTERMAT Paris. We are ready and a nice crowd came to visit since this morning.

dredging equipment amphibious equipment



Transport to Guyana

A busy day at Waterking, 4 seacontainers were sent on a 7.600 km journey with end destination Georgetown, Guyana. Over the last few weeks we prepared a complete set of dredging equipment (submersible dredge pump, custom-made powerpack, HDPE pipes, dredging hoses, floaters and spud pole holders). The 1st truck reported at 07.30 a.m., the last truck arrived at 16.00 p.m. On Thursday, 15th of March the seacontainers were shipped from Rotterdam harbour and will arrive in Georgetown, Guyana on April 7th.

HPDE pipes, floaters, power pack and pump


Maintenance at the longest Waterskitrack in The Netherlands

Last week the WK 90 was prepared and transported to execute work in Doetinchem at the longest cable waterski track of The Netherlands. The maintenance that was carried out to get the track at the right depth and that made the next group of waiting water-skiers very happy. The track is ready to use again and will contribute to the fun of a lot of water sports enthusiasts.


Time to Expand at Knoop Holding BV

As Knoop Holding BV is growing the company has decided to expand the terrain. Knoop Holding BV now has an office, (from which Waterking, Knoop Baggerwerken and Knoop Machinery are directed) a workshop, an outdoor terrain to store dredging and amphibious equipment and materials. Due to growth now the company is in need of more space. With this new capacity new chances will be taken on. The work is in full progress and the operators of the company are preparing the property. With time a new workshop and a test location will arise. At this test location the machines will be tested on performance, efficiency and safety. The benefit being that the machines can be tested close by and therefor can be adjusted right away with all the tools within reach when necessary.

D80B0855bewerkt met logo



Training Hungary amphibious excavator (Feb 2017)

At the end of last year we sold a WK 220 NG-5 to a customer from Hungary. The machine is equipped with a dredge pump of DAMEN and directly driven by a custommade powerpack. Waterking values good service. This involves the possibility to give a training on-site. Our mechanic and operator are flying over to Hungary this month. They will assist and inform about the possibilities of the WK 220 NG-5. The training includies: Assembly and disassembly, specific work instructions and maintenance of the machine



Company visit (Feb 2017)

One of the company visites was organized by Rabobank. Twenty entrepreneurs of various companies came to Waterking in Tynaarlo. After a joint dinner, we gave a presentation about the history of Knoop Holding, the businessstructure of Waterking, Knoop Baggerwerken and Knoop Machinery.
We ended the evening with a tour in the workshop of Waterking and showed the manufacturing process of the amphibious excavator.

The second company visit was organized by our Turkisch dealer who invited  several interested entrepreneurs from Turkey. We started the day with a presentation about Waterking and showed our wide range of products. After the presentation we did a tour in Waterking’s factory. We ended the day at Zuidlaardermeer where two amphibious excavators of Waterking were at work.



Coaching in Germany (Nov 2016)

Handling an amphibious excavator requires specific field knowledge. That’s why part of our service is to send our mechanic or operator to the country of delivery. We recently sold a WK 220 NG-3 in cooperation with a German Caterpillar dealer. A German contracting services and construction company bought the amphibious excavator. Our mechanic went to Germany to give on-site instructions.

The undercarriage is prepared for additional pontoons.These additional pontoons have been produced and delivered to the customer aswell.

Our mechanic coached the operator of the customer. The operator received instructions about the assembling and disassembling of the machine, maintanance and capabilities and allowable workconditions of the machine.  Currently, the machine is equiped with a special vibrator to stabilizing the soil.