It is possible to rent Waterking’s amphibious products and dredging equipment. Knoop Baggerwerken takes care of all rental agreements. Should you be interested in renting one of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us for some additional information regarding the application or performance of the machines.

We will offer tailor-made advice, examine which machine best suits the activities in question, and whether the machine is available. This will be followed by a proposal. Once the proposal is approved, we can proceed and provide a rental agreement. The following products are available for rent:

Amphibious excavator

Various amphibious excavators can be rented, ranging from 7 to 32 tonnes. The machines are suitable for a variety of activities on poor load-bearing terrains, such as swamps, disposal sites, ponds and deltas. The machines are certified annually and meet the strictest safety and environmental requirements. Amphibious excavators are only rented together with an operator. All our operators have a basic safety certificate (VCA basic).

Shredder dredger

The Shredder Dredger is a unique Waterking product. The machine has been designed to pump large volumes of vegetation with great ease. These include wood, peat soil, silt, reed or stubs. The Shredder Dredger has been further refined over a period of 14 years, which makes it a proven technology. The machine has a capacity of 1200 HP and is thus capable of pumping vegetation over a distance of 3 to 5 km with an average production of 100 – 200 m³. Shredder dredgers are only rented together with an operator.


The pump has been placed inside an insulated and noise-proof container. This booster station enables the released material to be pumped over a longer distance without excessive loss in capacity. The booster station can be placed on land or water (on 4 modular pontoons).

HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes can be used to pump soil, silt and sand. We rent the following pipes: pressure pipes (smooth tube) and pressure pipes with flanges and welded collars.

Bench welding machine

HDPE pipes can be connected to each other using a bench welding machine. The welding machine is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 160 to 500 mm.

Push-, tug- and work boats

Push-, tug- and work boats can be used to transport e.g. collection barges and modular pontoons. Tugs are only rented together with an operator. We can also offer various aluminium workboats with outboard engines of 10 to 40 hp.


Everything is transported via truck. If you are interested, or just require further information, then please feel free to contact the rental department at Knoop Baggerwerken (0592-559385 or

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